The Spiritual Doctor

  Love - always Love

Whether you are looking for a place to relax and meditate in peaceful, tranquil surroundings, 

or a Psychic reading.

You may be searching for a place of healing therapies of the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. 

I am here at your Service, with a range of healing modalities including Reiki, Chakra Work and Psychotherapy and/or Hypnotherapy.

Perhaps you seek house cleansings, blessings or smudgings or one of my purposefully designed crystal grids.

Here are dedicated, energetically aligned meditation, reading and therapy rooms

within our beautiful residence in


Tranquil, peaceful gardens for contemplation,

a dedicated fire pit within a crystal grid... 

all await your presence Dear One.

soon we shall offer you our 

Labyrinth to walk

within a meditative moment (or several)


Perhaps you may wish to view  courses and workshops.

I also offer you my services as a 


just call me directly on

0432 529 770


07 3209 3622

to discuss your needs and secure your time with me. 


and we have released my Meditation CD's.... now, they are available for purchase directly from us.


Please call me today on

07 3209 3622


0432 529 770


 You are always welcome here Dear One.





The Spiritual Doctor